Portraits are an Investment!

20 January 2018

Invest in a Portrait Photographer who can capture images you love!

The key to getting great portraits isn’t just about having a fancy camera, or being located in a extravagant studio. Photography is about creativity and having the skill to capture the real you.

I had an impromptu shoot with a friend who was visiting after Christmas. I set up in my dining room (if anyone has been to my house, you will know we don’t have a great deal of space!) and we had a bit of fun. Of course it helps if you personally know your photographer, Graham has been a family friend for a couple of decades now ;) However, if you are going to choose a photographer, it is important that you not only like their style, but that you can relate with them and develop a good relationship. Invest in someone who can capture the images you want and who can capture your personality.

Graham is a devoted friend and always willing to lend a hand to anyone. I wanted to keep it simple, manly, rugged ;) but also capture the essence of who he is and a bit of cheekiness shone through! All Graham had to do was to have fun, it was my job to be creative, provide a wonderful experience and capture a portrait that will be treasured forever.

Professional portrait photography is an investment, so choose wisely and get someone who can capture your story and images you love.

  • Chrissy Scafe

    on January 20, 2018

    You did a great job. Can really see his personality coming out in the photos

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