Photography and Me

8th March 2020

Collinsville Portrait Photographer ~ Outdoor and Glamour

My name is Melissa and I am a portrait photographer.  They say creative people have a number of interests and for me that is true!   I have turned my hand to anything and everything, but photography has always been my passion. 

I live on a cattle and cropping property local to Collinsville with the loves of my life - my husband and two adorable kids.  Plus a few dogs, horses and other pets. The usual station life and all that comes with it. 

I am inspired by nature and the environment I live in, but I love photographing people – capturing their story forever with a photo. I want to capture the beauty within my clients. I offer something different from the daily grind - allowing you to get dressed up and have fun, whilst preserving your memories in print.

I specialise in the use of ‘god’s light’ (sunlight) and can create light where or when it’s needed - so I can capture the perfect photograph in any situation.  Natural, outdoor portraits, glamour or artistic studio looks can be created - anything you desire!

Let me capture your story, so you can exist in photos.

This is me - the real me.

In my work hat, make up free and happily soaking up the glorious golden light on our property.

I am a modest person. I love art and fashion - even though I may not always dress fashionably ;) I hated public speaking at school. I have a weakness for desserts. Oh, and I am a lover of coffee!!

I am much more comfortable with the written word, but I am an even better storyteller using my camera. I admire those who can captivate their audience when speaking, but I strive to captivate my audience in a different way – with beautiful photos and portraits of loved ones.

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