Our Country Easter

7th April 2018

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Capturing the story of our Country Easter with this gorgeous light!

Collinsville to Springsure, from our property to my parent’s property, is about 650km. The trip with my husband, me, two kids and a dog went quite well!

Armed with snacks, drinks, colouring books and other activities for the kids, I passed the time gazing out the window contemplating the wonderful scenes I would love to stop and photograph. But that would have to be a separate holiday altogether or we would never get anywhere!

We arrived at Birtley late in the afternoon on Good Friday. The kids delightfully escaped the car and ran around stretching their legs whilst we waited for my parents to bring a mob of cattle into the yards.

The country was picturesque and the cattle fat – a perfect blend for some country snaps.

Since it was Easter we had a relaxed workload which was a good opportunity for the kids to help out. Mia tested out her new horse (pictured below) and I even had a chance to get back in the saddle. It has been a long while between rides, so I got a few sneaky selfies while walking the cows home!

It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend full of fun and too much chocolate. As always, I had my camera on hand and at every occasion I captured our story of an adventurous country Easter to share these moments with you below.

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